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Christ Allie – Bad Attitude Mix

September 2, 2011

Christ Allie (aka Chris Tallie) sums up his mix with the words “immediacy” and “attitude.” I would expect nothing less from a fellow upstater now dwelling in Wu Tang’s own, Shaolin. Staten Island represent!

When I met Chris formally in NYC we struck up a conversation about some of our shared experiences in the local music scene of Buffalo (where we both attended college). Eventually our conversation led us to a small, dank, live-music venue on Main Street called Broadway Joe’s. Equipped with foosball, $2 beers, and a layer of floor-filth you could draw in with a flat-head screwdriver, Broadway Joe’s was a phenomenally cheap venue in which you could hear local talents share their music while hitting on co-eds. I mentioned a college friend’s band that played at the venue often and specifically made reference to a “rad keyboard player with a red Nord Electro.”

A kind of modest smile formed on Chris’ face. He replied, “Um. I think you’re talking about me.”

DAMN! Color me embarrassed! It WAS Chris! And it was at this point I envisioned the future, and in this future Chris would make a badass mixtape for my blog.

Without further ado, enjoy the immediacy, drive, and attitude of Chris’ contribution, named for its anchor track from DC-punk-rock’s finest, Bad Brains:

(Oh wait. Before you dive into Chris’ mix, be sure to peep his indie-pop/rock quartet, Ghost Bunny. Check out their shimmery pop tunes on the band’s myspace!)

Download Christ Allie: Bad Attitude from a mediafire zip file: HERE!

Here’s the track list:

1) Sonny and the Sunsets – I Wanna Do It
2) Akron/Family – So It Goes
3) Bad Brains – Bad Attitude
4) Baths – Maximalist
5) Beach Fossils – Sometimes
6) Big Boi – Shutterbugg (feat. Cutty)
7) Eleanor Friedberger – Roosevelt Island
8) Male Bonding – Your Contact
9) La Sera – Devils Hearts Grow Gold
10) The Sonics – Witch
11) Ghostface – Purified Thoughts (feat. GZA & Killah Priest)
12) Reigning Sound – Your Love Is A Fine Thing
13) Wavves – Linus Spacehead
14) Grass Widow – Uncertain Memory
15) Ty Segall – My Sunshine
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